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Episode 9!

Episode 9 is complete! Check it out in our episodes sec […]

An English dub of Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars for the fans, by the fans!
Sailor Moon © Naoko Takeuchi & Toei Animation

  • Episode 9 Progress 100%
  • Episode 10 Progress 50%
  • Stars Season Progress 26%


  • Baby J

    Yeahhhhhhhhh!!! You guys are back, it’s about time. Congratulation on updating your website it looks wonderful, I love it. Hope to see more great things from you guys. GOOD LUCK!!! P.S. Keep the episodes coming as fast as you can LOL. Thank You!

  • fynest027

    I think its a cool upgrade to your website and the status bar for the episodes is genius! Keep up the great work!!!

  • animejill

    You guys should put these episodes on itunes so I can buy em and support

  • rissa661

    When will episode 10 be complete?

  • Diana

    When is season 5 ep 10 going to be ready

  • fighter4luv

    Please be patient. We are currently looking for a new voice for Sailor Mars, so we cannot continue until she is chosen.

  • Rosena

    How is finding the new Raye going?

  • fighter4luv

    Taking longer than expected. Hopefully we find someone soon :)

  • Rosena

    Good luck.

  • Divinemiscreations

    Is there anyway that I can audition for the voice of rae?

  • fighter4luv

    Please visit our facebook page for now and send us a message :)

  • Ladygynarchy

    Can’t wait for episode 10 and so on keep up d works you guys

  • entarotassadar

    What happened to the original voice?

  • sophie rocks

    how finding sailor mars doing?

  • hexbomb

    “Serena! You meatball head!” – Raye (Katie Griffin) aka Sailor Mars

  • Andy Kirsch

    have u ever thought of doing the howl show from season 1

  • sophie rocks

    good luck for finding ray! ;3

  • Jeremy Vazquez

    Do you all think when y’all will release a fan dub box set when you guys finish the season?

  • Vincent Le

    Get the thing done no one likes to be patient

  • Maria Morales

    Have you guys found a new Sailor Mars?

  • fighter4luv

    As soon as we find a replacement Raye and the remaining vice actors send their lines in :)

  • Katie G

    I can’t even tell you how happy I am that you are dubbing this season. I could honestly cry. Please do the whole season! I LOVE YOU

  • J Pollitt

    hi are you all going to do torrents again please thank you

  • sophie rocks

    why did Ashley heart leave sailor stars?

  • sophie rocks

    aka Raye

  • J Pollitt

    hi are you all going to do torrents again please

  • fighter4luv

    We were not given a reason, but believe it was for personal reasons.

  • amy

    When are you gonna make episode 10? People are not that patient you know…

  • kingofgames85

    What happen to the other voice actor who played Raye’s before episode 10?

  • fighter4luv

    We lost our Raye and are waiting for a few more auditions before we make a decision.

  • Mary Brown

    Hi! I really like sailor moon. And I was wondering can you get to the other too? Of Sailor Moon other episodes too? Thank you, Miss. Brown

  • Bladen

    good luck excited to see the next episode

  • Nada Elassal

    How is episode 10 going?!

  • sophie rocks

    I have been waiting for to long!!!!! >:( kick up the a notch ok??? plz

  • sophie rocks

    sorry over reacted sorry

  • sophie rocks

    is sailor stars doing ok??

  • sophie rocks


  • Meg Lindsey

    I think they’re still looking for a Raye. Don’t worry I’m sure they’ll be back up and running full steam ahead once they settle on someone ^^

  • Cassthea Cullen

    I absolutely love what you guys have done! This is amazing! If there’s any way I can be of assistance let me know :)

  • Khang NGuyen

    We’re half way there . . . I hope

  • Maria

    50% more untill episode 10 is done.. Come on you guys got this!

  • Lupe

    Can’t wait for more episodes to get put up for Sailor Stars (: . I check mostly everyday hoping episode 10 to be finally finshed but its seems it taking while now. Hope you guys finish soon kind taking forever.

  • Babablacksheep

    Will you make the stars season available on dvd?

  • Daryl Healy

    When is it going to be on of episode 10

  • Priscilla Sorto

    Episode 10 (can’t wait) …. i been waiting so excited!

  • Desee Kaotik

    I am beyond excited that this season is FINALLY being dubbed!!! This has been my favourite show ever since I was little! Thanks to all you wonderful people for taking the time to do this! Can’t wait for 10!!!

  • diana santiago

    I’ve have honestly been waiting for almost half a year now. How long does it take to find a voice and finish the eps..

  • fighter4luv

    It hasn’t even been 2 months since we released episode 9… :/ I apologise for us taking our time but this is a fan production and things take time when no one gets paid.

  • Tania Martinez

    I hope episode 10 will be out soon and when is the new season coming out

  • likearadiowave

    these fandubs are 10x better than the official dubs.

  • sophie rocks

    still in 50% man :( not getting higher

  • sophie rocks


  • sophie rocks

    I hope it gets higher soon good luck finding the new raye btw how is it going?

  • J Pollitt

    hi i just would like to know if you all have talked doing torrents again because i love your episodes of sailor moon stars

  • Sailor Starfire

    When is episode 10 will be done

  • Daryl Healy

    When is it going to be on

  • Monica

    Have you chosen new voice for Sailor Mars yet

  • Monica

    Did you find a replacement for Raye

  • starlight-crystal

    Can’t wait for episode 10. I hope you already found a new Sailor Mars and this episode is coming soon :) I love Sailor Stars and I already know every episode in german :) but I really like your english dubbed version too. I love the voice of Serena <3 :)

  • Monica

    Have you found an replacement voice for Raye