SuperS Movie Short:

Amy’s First Love

When Amy receives a love letter, she becomes obsessed with a new found rival. A new brainiac arrives, Mercurius, who seems to be just as smart as Amy! She starts dedicating all her effort and energy into trying to beat this new love interest/rival, but when an enemy arrives, Sailor Mercury will need to call upon a whole new power to save the day!

Original Title: “Ami-chan’s First Love”

Release Date: 18-Jul-2011 (Revised: 20-Sep-2014)

HD Release: 3-Apr-2018

Video: (16:9) 1080p (native HD)

Audio: English Stereo

Run Time: 17 min

Status: Dubbing completed

Download: HD 1080p

Music Video Download: HD 720p

If you enjoyed the songs that appeared in this episode, make sure you support the artist and purchase the tracks from iTunes, Amazon, & Spotify!

(OP) Voice of the Beehive – New Day:  iTunes | Amazon | Spotify

(ED) Thunderbugs – Friends Forever:   iTunes | Amazon | Spotify


Serena: …Mippa

Amy: …Mippa

Rini: …Scarlotte

Raye: …Ashley Heart

Lita: …Caroline Marshall

Mina: …Angel McCalum

Darien: …Luke Ralph

Mercurius: …Luke Ralph


Bonnûn: …DaelynD

Artemis: …TylerDanielz

Melvin: …BrandonM

Molly: …Subaru-Camui

Cram-School Teacher: …Ty Chen


Producer: …Corza Moon

Executive Producer: …Gabriel Durie / Shaun Nox

Script Writers: …Corza Moon / Gabriel Durie / Shaun Nox

Casting Directors: …Corza Moon / Kaydeen Rowe / Nyann Smith

Audio Mixer: …Corza Moon

Video Editor: …Corza Moon

2D/3D Graphic Artists: …Shaun Nox / Corza Moon / Brendan Penny

Creative Consultant: …Shaun Nox

Production Supervisor: …Gabriel Durie / Shaun Nox / Nyann Smith

Subtitles: …”Judgement”


There's always an enemy lurking from the shadows

found you and once again I am very impressed with this. this makes the fandubs I use to work small time I’m almost in disbelief this is a fandub its just that natural sounding and perfect:) I salute you all on a job well done you deserve high praise for your dedication and work in these

—Mike K


  • Nick Johnson

    The British girl gets her own special!

  • Moises Gomez

    i am a big fan of sailor moon they were my favorite show seen 6 years and they are awesome and the best and funny is Serena from sailor moon and the smart and so kind is amy from sailor Mercury

    the show about amy in love i love it

  • Frank

    This was really well done all the voice sounded really close to the Season 1 and Season 2 Voice Actor… Which is not easy too do Mippa really sound like Serena voices of Terri and with Amy she sound like Karen really close to her voices…I know this is an OVA but I thought Amy’s First Love was Greg in season 1? Also is there download link for this episode?

  • fighter4luv

    No download link right now, but if you have an add-on in your web browser you’ll be able to download them off the site

  • Frank

    Ok what you mean by add-on I have Google Chrome and you which one you mean like it name? Also what about the 2 other OVA will you doing those anytime soon just wonder? “Make Up! Sailor Senshi” and “SuperS Special: An Elegant Metamorphosis? Crybaby Usagi’s Growth Diary”? Also I sign up as “Goku” on the forums site too…

  • fighter4luv

    I just know of Firefox’s video downloader add-on which allows you to download embedded videos. We have no plans to do dubs of episodes that just show old footage

  • Frank

    oh ok… I though the OVA are old footage?

  • fighter4luv

    Just the 2 you mentioned :3

  • Frank

    Oh Ok I though that where all old…

  • Frank

    Can you put the videos on your facebook page? I can only download the one on your facebook page there unless you put download link on this page and for the other episodes… I try firefox and all the many video downloader as well as then one called foxgot that don’t work either I even ask a friend of mind to see if he could download and he said could not either… And you facebook video a the older version not the new one you revised…

  • fighter4luv

    Thanks for the comment Frank. We haven’t had any time to do Fandub stuff lately, so we won’t be able to upload them to Facebook for a little while. I hope you can be patient :)

  • Casey Keen

    What is that monster?

  • fighter4luv

    She was a special monster to appear only in this episode.

  • Frank

    fighter4luv I wondering if you can get more videos up on facebook page soon too It been a little so just would like to ask again? Like that Amy First Love that I can get to download? Whenever you can though…

  • Frank

    I don’t wanted wanted rush you guys by asking this again but could you upload Amy First Love thing too you Facebook Page off changes? I know notice 2 new video up there now… And I wonder if Amy First Love could upload soon too off changes?

  • Lottie The Dreamy Gamer

    fighter4luv have you done the dub but the download is not ready just yet or are you still doing the dub ? ;3 :D

  • fighter4luv

    Only the ones that have a release date that says “TBA” haven’t been dubbed. All others will have a download link soon :)

  • Lottie The Dreamy Gamer

    Ok thanks ;3 :D

  • Frank

    Ok so who did the Music Video thing? IIt the 1st time I seen it so it must be something you did not too long ago… And are thoughs you all in the music video???

    Also very good job on it by the way… :)

  • fighter4luv

    We put together the music video from an already existing song. That is just a band that we liked the song they made and we inserted the Amy clips over the original video ;)

  • Frank

    Oh cool very well Edited… Also is there an update on Episode 15 on when it coming out?