Sailor Moon Episode 46:
Day of Destiny – Part 2

With the rest of the Sailor Scouts defeated by Beryl’s Doom & Gloom Girls, Sailor Moon is left alone to save the day. But, a brainwashed Prince Darien and the Queen of the Negaverse make a dangerous duo, even for the Moon Princess. Can Serena save Darien and defeat the evil Negaforce before it’s too late?

Original Title: Usagi’s Everlasting Wish! A New Reincarnation
Episode #: 46
Running Time: TBA
Release Date: TBA
Video: 1440×1080 (upscale) (4:3)
Audio: English Stereo
Download: TBA


Producer …Corza Moon
Script Writer …Corza Moon
Script Consultant …Austinatious
Casting Director …Corza Moon
Casting Assistant …Kaydeen Rowe / Nyann Smith
Audio Mixer …Corza Moon
Video Editor …Corza Moon
2D Graphic Artist …Shaun Nox / Corza Moon
3D Graphic Artist …Shaun Nox / Brendan Penny
Post-Production Supervisor …Austinatious