Current Dubbing Status

Current Dubbing Status

Hey there! Hope you’ve been well and staying safe during these crazy times. We’ve been super busy working on episodes when we can, and I thought I’d give you a status update on what we’re currently working on.

Currently dubbing:

  • #2: “House of Misfortune”
  • #5: “Pet Shop of Horrors”
  • #6: “Cupid’s Melody”
  • #20: “A Ghastly Vacation”
  • #42: “Venus’ Love Triangle”
  • #45: “Day of Destiny – Part 1″
  • #46: “Day of Destiny – Part 2″
  • #187: “Batter up, Sailor Moon!”
  • #188: “Scouts on a Plane”

Some of the above episodes are at 90% complete, and some are a little less. They are coming along well, and I can’t wait to show you the finish products!

Scripts in Progress:

  • #67: “Dino Dilemma”
  • #193: “Too Many Princesses”

Thank you for your constant support. We appreciate you a lot!
I will post any other news and sample clips on our facebook page (link at the top of the site), so don’t forget to make sure you’re following us on there.

Take care!
- Corza Moon

  • luke fid

    good job guys btw did you guys watch crystal

  • Corza Moon

    Yep! I have watched Crystal. I’m excited to see Eternal when it comes out next year.

  • luke fid

    hope in comes out in the US

  • Setsuna Mudou

    It makes me super happy to see that you’re still working on these! I came back to check in a fit of nostalgia and am rewatching them again! <3