Episode Downloads

Episode Downloads

All episodes we have dubbed so far (167-176) are now available for download in high quality. For now, we are not able to find a stable website to stream the websites (apart from facebook), but we hope you enjoy our downloads of each episode. To download an episode, simply visit the episode’s page, and click on “MEGA” next to Download.

Hope everyone enjoys the updated episodes.

  • Enrique Manuel Flores III

    YAY! Downloaded and watching. :D Hey Corey been meaning to ask, what episode do the full Sailor Starlight transformations appear in and what would be good sound effects to go with them cause I got people asking me to redo my Sailor Stars video that is a full group transformation but I don’t know the episode the three transformations for the Starlights appears in and am trying to think of god sound effects for them so I thought I’d ask. Also, why is SMC’s (Sailor Moon Center’s) R2 version of Sailor Stars not available anymore for download? >.<

  • fighter4luv

    I’d have to flick through the episodes to remember, but I believe it’s in this current arc with Aluminum Seiren. Sound effects wise… Pick ones that match what’s going on in the video. Just play around. Also, The Italian rerelease of Stars was better than the R2, so that’s probably why they took them down.

  • Enrique Manuel Flores III

    Thanks for getting back to me. I found them and did as you suggested so thank you. I also found SMC’s original R2s on a site that had archived them. :D Here’s the results.

  • Corie McLaren

    I’m really looking forward to hearing what the dub version name of Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss will be.

  • Darlz Dah Frenchee

    When will the rest of the episodes be dubbed?

  • Corza Moon

    Thanks for the comment. We dub the episodes only when our voice actors have free time. For now it’s too hard to give dates for when each episode will be out. Thanks for watching!

  • kim kenyon

    When will the other episodes of Sailor Moon Star be able to get