Sailor Stars Episode 16:
Serena Times Two, Again?

A small girl resembling Rini appears. Could she be Rini’s sister? daughter? Is this girl a friend or foe? While trying to figure this new mystery out, the girls run into 2 new dangerous enemies: Sailor Aluminum Seiren and Sailor Lead Crow.

Original Title: Invasion from the Cosmos! Seiren Comes Flying
Episode #: 182
Running Time:
Release Date:
Video: 720×540 (1.33:1)
Audio: English Stereo (AAC)





This is fantastic! Love everything. Reminds me of the original English North American seasons. I could not tell this was fan done! I really appreciate the scene transitions, the season 1-2 soundtrack, and continuation from the English version.
The voice acting is great. Equal or better than the S and Super S English seasons.


Let me just say that when I saw a “fandub” I came here to see what massacre and injustice would be done by over-excited moonies to the perfection that is season 5 (stars).
I was dead wrong. This was an impressive job! If you continue on with it, I doubt anyone would know that it’s done by moonies and not a for-profit company. EXCELLENT JOB.



  • ElementalCards

    Yay! Serena x2 reference, I like.

  • Anime Sapphireheart

    I can’t wait for this episode! I love Chibi Chibi soooooooo much!

  • Cecilia

    Sooo….. When is the release date for this one?

  • mya

    how can i watch this?

  • MithrandirOlorin

    I came up with an idea for Chibi Chibi’s name. Rini Me.

  • Vic Clark

    It’s nor letting me watch it

  • Vic Clark

    It’s not letting me watch it!?

  • fighter4luv

    This episode hasn’t been dubbed yet :3

  • Vic Clark

    Yes But it’s also not letting me watch the other episodes either I can’t rewatch the old ones

  • tsukino usagi

    call chibi chibi Tiny Rini

  • JN1999 Rarity

    I hope Chibi Chibi’s english name is Tiny Rini

  • JN1999 Rarity

    When will the episode be finished? I really want to see Tiny Rini so bad!

  • Maximus Wolf

    umm ti tsukino’s comment please don’t do either XD Give Chibi an English name like Serena’s since Serena’s mothers name was Serenity how about giving chibi the name Sarah? It would make sense, and Sarah means “princess” like the the star lights (or was it try lights?) called her there princess in the first few episodes of them you did so it would only make sense that since in the original DIC dub Sailor Moon’s name was Serena (Princess Serena) and her mother was Serenity (Queen Serenity) that if DIC did this episode the name they would have given Chibi Chibi would have been Sarah (Princess Sarah, or rather Princess Princess, since Sarah means princess XD)

  • fighter4luv

    Thanks for the suggestion, but we decided to go with using her original name. Basically she is just a small child mumbling a word… so we thought it would sound cute to keep it the same… but we’ll see how it all goes.