Sailor Stars Episode 16:
Serena Times Two, Again?

A small girl resembling Rini appears. Could she be Rini’s sister? daughter? Is this girl a friend or foe? While trying to figure this new mystery out, the girls run into 2 new dangerous enemies: Sailor Aluminum Seiren and Sailor Lead Crow.

Original Title: Invasion from the Cosmos! Seiren Comes Flying
Episode #: 182
Running Time:
Release Date:





This is fantastic! Love everything. Reminds me of the original English North American seasons. I could not tell this was fan done! I really appreciate the scene transitions, the season 1-2 soundtrack, and continuation from the English version.
The voice acting is great. Equal or better than the S and Super S English seasons.


Let me just say that when I saw a “fandub” I came here to see what massacre and injustice would be done by over-excited moonies to the perfection that is season 5 (stars).
I was dead wrong. This was an impressive job! If you continue on with it, I doubt anyone would know that it’s done by moonies and not a for-profit company. EXCELLENT JOB.



  • ElementalCards

    Yay! Serena x2 reference, I like.

  • Anime Sapphireheart

    I can’t wait for this episode! I love Chibi Chibi soooooooo much!

  • Cecilia

    Sooo….. When is the release date for this one?

  • mya

    how can i watch this?

  • MithrandirOlorin

    I came up with an idea for Chibi Chibi’s name. Rini Me.

  • Vic Clark

    It’s nor letting me watch it

  • Vic Clark

    It’s not letting me watch it!?

  • fighter4luv

    This episode hasn’t been dubbed yet :3

  • Vic Clark

    Yes But it’s also not letting me watch the other episodes either I can’t rewatch the old ones

  • tsukino usagi

    call chibi chibi Tiny Rini

  • JN1999 Rarity

    I hope Chibi Chibi’s english name is Tiny Rini

  • JN1999 Rarity

    When will the episode be finished? I really want to see Tiny Rini so bad!