Sailor Stars #170:
“Faithful Ambitions”

Darien has been captured by Nehelenia – creating a time paradox! When Rini starts to fade away, can all the Sailor Scouts reach Queen Nehelenia’s nightmare palace before her evil spell sticks, and the world ends?

Original Title: “Night of Destiny! The Sailor Soldiers’ Ordeals”
Episode #: 170 (5-4)
Release Date: 17-Jan-2010 (Revised: 1-Sep-2014)
Video: (4:3) 540p (SD)
Audio: English Stereo
Run Time: 23 min
Status: Dubbing completed
Download: Edited Ver. | Uncut Ver. (TBA)

Serena: …Mippa
Amy: …Mippa
Luna: …Mippa
Rini: …Scarlotte
Raye: …Ashley Heart
Lita: …Caroline Marshall
Mina: …Angel McCalum
Artemis: …Lioncourt
Hotaru: …Nyann Smith

Amara: …Rosette
Michelle: …Cathy Rinella
Trista: …Kairi
Nehelenia: …Eku Egao
Galaxia: …Ishtar Draven
Diana: …Ryou Shirogane
Girl #1: …TygerChickChibi
Girl #2: …Mike-Sempai
Girl #3: …Nyann Smith

Producer …Corza Moon
Executive Producer …Shaun Nox
Script Writer …PJ Lincoln
Script Consultant …Corza Moon / Shaun Nox
Casting Director …Corza Moon
Casting Assistant …Kaydeen Rowe
Audio Mixer …Corza Moon
Video Editor …Corza Moon
2D Graphic Artist …Shaun Nox / Corza Moon
3D Graphics Artist …Shaun Nox / Brendan Penny
Creative Consultant …Shaun Nox
Post-Production Supervisor …Gabriel Durie / Shaun Nox

I’ve already commented before, but, I really must say everybody part of this production should take immense pride in what you have all achieved. To produce such a fandub so professional, so polished, is a testiment to the dedication and perseverance of the sailor moon fanverse. Top notch job. Give yourselves a pat on the back.


man this fandub rocks:)



  • Joey Angelo

    Geez, Nehelenia is so full of hate :D

  • Sexiladi

    Can you fix all of the buffering

  • fighter4luv

    Buffering is usually your internet collecting information to play the video. Try pausing the video and waiting a minute before you watch. :)

  • Brannon

    How come you cut out the part where Uranus thinks about Neptune when they’re running?

  • fighter4luv

    Sorry not my decision. It was cut out by the writer that we had at the time. I took more creative control towards the end and tried to add more scenes back in, but we didn’t have time to record that scene again. Sorry

  • Brannon

    Ah okay. Was just worried that it was intentionally censored. I know you guys are trying to keep the spirit of the original dub, but censoring Uranus and Neptune’s relationship would have been too far.

    Like, if you guys started calling them cousins or something haha

  • fighter4luv

    Nah no way. Their relationship will be intact. If you’ve seen our SuperS specials, you’ll see Amara flirting with the maid and getting told off by Michelle :3

  • Brannon

    I figured as much, thanks for clearing that up!

  • Angeline

    Can someone recommend me how I can see those episodes, because the only thing in the page is a picture

  • fighter4luv

    Click on where it says “download: MEGA”. Thanks.

  • Angeline

    Thank you

  • Sophie Hargrave

    Any word on when 174 will be avail for download?

  • fighter4luv

    We just need to finish editing a few more pieces and then it will be ready :)

  • Andrew Furuhata

    Mega doesn’t work for me

  • fighter4luv

    You can also watch them on Facebook