Sailor Stars #174:
“New Kids on the Block”

A popular boy band begins attending Crossroads High School called the Tri-Lights (Justin, Jordan and Julian), and they are making everyone go wild! But Serena doesn’t seem to see what’s so special about them, especially since their lead singer (Justin) seems to enjoy making fun of her unusual hairstyle. In amidst of all the commotion, they get a visit from a mischievous rodent, who is tracking down another possible True Power Crystal. Will Crossroads’ star footballer be a holder of one of these powerful gems?

Original Title: ”A School Storm! The Transfer Students Are Idols”
Episode #: 174 (5-8)
Release Date: 11-Dec-2012 (Revised: 18-11-2014)
Video: (4:3) 540p (SD)
Audio: English Stereo
Run Time: 23 min
Status: Dubbing Completed
Download: Edited Ver. | Uncut Ver. (TBA)

Amy: …Mippa
Raye: …Ashley Heart
Luna: …Ashley Heart
Lita: …Caroline Marshall
Mina: …DaelynD
Justin: …Foshizzlin
Julian: …EileMonty
Jordan: …Amelia L.

Galaxia: …Ishtar Draven
Iron Mouse: …Lynett
Chuck Heisman: …J. Redor
Sailor Guts: …Luke Ralph
Boy: …Ty Chen
Teacher: …Ty Chen
Student: …Ty Chen
Student: …Mike Sempai
Student: …TygerChickChibi

Producer …Corza Moon
Executive Producer …Shaun Nox
Script Writer …PJ Lincoln / Mippa
Script Consultant …Corza Moon / Nyann Smith
Casting Director …Corza Moon
Casting Assistant …Kaydeen Rowe / Nyann Smith
Audio Mixer …Corza Moon
Video Editor …Corza Moon
2D Graphic Artist …Shaun Nox / Corza Moon
3D Graphic Artist …Shaun Nox / Brendan Penny
Creative Consultant …Shaun Nox
Post-Production Supervisor …Gabriel Durie / Shaun Nox / Nyann Smith

wow this is just awesome i love what you all are doing. I’m so glad you guys are doing this i always wanted to hear
what the starlights would sound like in English. you guys are doing a wonderful job keep it up!


The Starlight VA’s are doin’ great! I was wondering how you folks were gonna pull off their male voices!



  • Julie B.

    Could you provide a download link or torrent link?

  • fighter4luv

    We will as soon as we sort out all the new editions of the footage

  • Julie B.

    will there be a torrent or download of all current episodes?

  • Mayra Reyes

    This is great! You guys are doing a fantastic job with these dubs! Thanks a lot :)

  • Corie McLaren

    What are the names of the attacks the Starlights use in your dub? And for that matter, what was Saturn’s attack called? (it was a little hard to make them out…)

  • fighter4luv

    The Characters page will have all those details soon :)

  • Corie McLaren

    Thank you very much!
    ps. Great work on the Dub! Its gotten me back into my old english VHS collection!

  • Corie McLaren

    Anyone else get the boyband references with the Tri-Lights names?

  • Jiovana Delgado

    are the episodes down? i cant watch the videos :(

  • fighter4luv

    Sorry, the site that hosts our videos is down… Hopefully it will be back up soon.

  • SaeChanOshi33

    You should have stuck with Starlights far better the Tri-Lights which sounds like a vitamin drink

  • Fighter4Luv

    We did keep them as the Starlights. Tri-Lights just replaced the “Three Lights” band-name. Still means exactly the same thing, since Tri means Three.

  • Danny Menjivarii

    Hopefully, we can have all of these for download sometime soon. Good job to everyone who helps make this project possible!

  • megan pedersen

    I’m actually tearing up…the jap dubs never did it for me and DiC made sailor moon real…thank u. God bless. Donating to keep this

  • Jay

    I really want the other episodes up! I refuse to watch episode 15 and 16 with out watching 11-14! Will they ever be up??

  • pof203

    Doesn’t look that way. And I was so looking forward to this episode.

  • fighter4luv

    You can watch it on our Facebook page. Eventually it will be available for download. We are currently fixing up a few things for each episode while we wait for the final lines for episode 181

  • Person

    At 19:42 it kinda sounds like healer is constipated

  • YouNowMrsJones

    I’m having trouble downloading the epsoides how do I do it ?