Sailor Stars #175:
“Hangin’ with the Stars”

The sudden appearance of new Sailor Scouts has definitely stirred things up for Serena and the gang, but with so much going on, everyone needs a distraction every now and then. Mina begins hanging out with the Tri-Lights in the hopes it will jump-start her dream to be a famous star. As she begins to work closer with them, she finds herself in the middle of a heated battle when a famous photographer is Sailor Iron Mouse’s next target for a True Power Crystal.

Original Title: ”Becoming an Idol! Minako’s Ambition”
Episode #:
175 (5-9)
Release Date: 08-Jan-2014 (Revised: 18-Nov-2014)
Video: (4:3) 540p (SD)
Audio: English Stereo
Run Time: 24 min
Status: Dubbing Completed
Download: Uncut Ver.

Amy: …Mippa
Raye: …Ashley Heart
Luna: …Ashley Heart
Lita: …Caroline Marshall
Mina: …Daelynd
Justin: …Magic Kaito

Julian: …EileMonty
Jordan: …Amelia L.
Galaxia: …Ishtar Draven
Iron Mouse: …Lynett
Sandra Itkins: …Gina Angelone
Sailor Paparazzi: …Gina Angelone
Crew Member: …Mike Kingsley

Producer …Corza Moon
Executive Producer …Shaun Nox
Script Writer …PJ Lincoln / Mippa
Script Consultant …Corza Moon / Nyann Smith
Casting Director …Corza Moon
Casting Assistant …Kaydeen Rowe / Nyann Smith
Audio Mixer …Corza Moon
Video Editor …Corza Moon
2D Graphic Artist …Shaun Nox / Corza Moon
3D Graphic Artist …Shaun Nox / Brendan Penny
Creative Consultant …Shaun Nox
Post-Production Supervisor …Gabriel Durie / Shaun Nox / Nyann Smith / Ezza
“My Best Friends” Song Lyricist …Battedr
“My Best Friends” Song Performer …Irulanne

I love this.^^ You can hardly tell its a fandub! I cant wait to see the rest! please keep up the wonderful work!



  • entarotassadar

    You told me you’d do an english version of that song and you did not dissappoint! The episode is great, keep it up guys!

  • entarotassadar

    keep it up!

  • caitlin


  • entarotassadar

    Hey guys, it’s me again. Thanks for doing the english version of that song like you said you would, you did not disappoint! Episode 9 was great, thanks a lot! Anyway, do you think you could provide an .mp3 file of the song for download on this site?

  • Remus Lupin

    Three Lights sounds better! tri lights sounds stupid

  • Kelsey

    Could you guys provide a download link? Keep up the good work!

  • Thomas Harrison

    I remember there use to have a torrent download area. has that gone away?

  • Gary Nelson-Burger

    LOL that’s the absolute worst opening sequence I’ve ever heard. EVER. What happened to the Dic rip-off opening? It rocked! Otherwise this was another great episode.

  • fighter4luv

    That was the original Japanese opening sequence sir. That was a bit extreme and rude of you. It’s an adaptation of the “Sailor Star Song” which is basically what DIC did when they made the sailor moon theme. The main reason for this descision is because of the Sailor Moon Theme being copyrighted and most websites will take our videos down if it detects it being used. Our amazing singer did a great job and the song lyrics were very DIC like. I hope after listening to it a few times you’ll be able to warm up to it.

  • Tom William Laveene

    Really good fandub :) forgot about it 2 years ago ^^’ when’s episode 10 coming up? :D

  • Gary Nelson-Burger

    It’s hardly rude to share in a opinion? Why even have a comment section if I can’t say what I think? Honestly I could have gone on about all the other things you ripped off but don’t seem to mind not changing. I could also go on about how you’re a grown person, who is obviously a fan – enough so to dedicate your time to making these dubs, but you completely dumb it down. You’re worse than DIC. What’s the point of showing this season to fans if you’re gonna go the childish route? I’m happy to see it in english an give my eyes a break – but if you were REALLY a hardcore fan I’d figure you’d want to be as true to original as possible. So :P I’ll just skip to the episode next time and avoid that shrill drivel trainwreck of an opening sequence. <– THAT was rude— :D

  • kpopanimefan

    Is there a download link?

  • StCerberusEngel

    I think you’re both overreacting a bit. The original criticism was worded in
    a rather insulting way. And I do think you’re being overly defensive about it, Fighter,
    though I understand why. However, I believe you should be taking into account
    that this is a fan dub, Gary.

    I have some issues with the quality of the opening and closing songs,
    myself, but I don’t attribute that to the efforts of those involved. It’s more
    of a production issue. There’s something about the vocals that comes through a
    little too cleanly and the music doesn’t seem to match. But I’m not going to be
    as critical as I would be of a professional dub put out by a company for money.
    I also noticed some audio problems with a few voices, but I can overlook those
    as well since it’s obvious that none of the actors are recording together.
    There will be some bugs. Instead, I will focus on the positives. The voices are
    getting better and better at fitting their respective characters with each new
    episode and I applaud the actors for it. The reference to Austin Powers made me
    cringe a little, but it was a very DiC thing to do…so, well done I suppose.
    It did warrant a laugh at the same time, at least. That one goes under the list
    of “things I never thought I’d hear an anime character say.” Also,
    nice little reference to the Daily Surprise. The weird thing is that I
    immediately recognized that title and where it came from. I wonder if that
    means I’ve actually seen the dub a few too many times.

    What it comes down to is that I am thoroughly enjoying this effort to bring
    Sailor Stars to the English speaking world. The attempt to make it fit in with
    the DiC dub is being handled quite well, actually, and is delivering a
    nostalgic feeling for those days…for good and ill. I also appreciate that
    you’re also keeping as much of the original material as possible in tact with
    that in mind. You’re all doing a wonderful job and I wish you all the best.

    Just everyone try to keep things civilized.

  • Alexander Sanchez

    Great job guys! Can’t wait for episode 10 :D

  • WinterWolf

    I love this.^^ You can hardly tell its a fandub! I cant wait to see the rest! please keep up the wonderful work!

  • Kevin T. Rodriguez

    Yeah, I agree… feels just like the real DiC dub sometimes doesn’t! :)

  • Corie McLaren

    Please, Please, Please don’t change Chibi Chibi’s name!

  • Alice Meredith

    When’s the next episode? People have been asking 9 months ago for ep. 10?????

  • fighter4luv

    We apologise for the wait. The producer, Corey, has just been in hospital for surgery. Not sure when he’ll be able to sit at a computer yet… But we all wish for his quick recovery. Again, sorry for the wait

  • SaeChanOshi33

    I agree with you I saw all the english subed Sailor moon episodes what DIC did was horrible

  • SaeChanOshi33

    I happen to love that song

  • Mayra Thesweetestkitten

    im really loving this!! Im so glade that you guys have a time to make this dubbed!
    im looking forward seeing episode 11! and hurry!!

  • Chrissi Lott

    Is anyone else having trouble with watching the video? I never seen these episodes for 19 years and I’m a huge fan of Sailor Moon so Fan4luv please help me. It say Error: Message: Stream not found

  • Angeline

    Where I can see the others of episode I only can see 8 of them

  • fighter4luv

    We will be uploading more episodes after we fix them up.

  • Lottie The Dreamy Gamer

    ;D Yay

  • JN1999 Rarity


  • アンナメイ ポーレ

    Where can i watch it? Please…

  • アンナメイ ポーレ

    I cannot watch IT

  • fighter4luv

    Please be patient. It will be available again for download soon.

  • アンナメイ ポーレ

    The other episodes where can i watch theM? How can i watch them?

  • fighter4luv

    1-7 have a link next to “DOWNLOAD” on each episode page.

  • Megan S

    I don’t know why but i do not have an option to download or stream this episode or episode 10. It says “Coming Soon”

  • Vanessa

    Keep up the good work. Can’t wait till y’all make more episodes(:

  • Amber Young

    How do I watch this?

  • fighter4luv

    Click on the link MEGA next to where it says “download”. It’s not available to stream on the website, so you must download the MKV video file.