Lots of other stuff to download.

Openings & Endings

Openings and Endings used throughout our fandubs, plus more!


  • Sailor Moon DiC Opening (Remake) [1280x720 (HD) 1:32] >> Download
  • Sailor Moon R DiC-style Opening [1280x720 (HD) 1:32] >> Download
  • SuperS Specials DiC-Style Opening [1280x720 (HD) 1:32] >> Download
  • Sailor Stars DiC-Style Opening [720x540 (SD) 1:32] >> Download
  • Sailor Stars Opening v1 (Japanese Ver.) [720x540 (SD) 1:37] >> Download
  • Sailor Stars Opening v2 (Japanese Ver.) [720x540 (SD) 1:37] >> Download
  • Sailor Stars Opening v2 (Irulanne “Love Will Survive”) [720x540 (SD) 1:37] >> Download
  • Sailor Stars Opening v2 (Sailor Moon Theme) [720x540 (SD) 1:37] >> Download


  • Sailor Moon DiC Ending (Remake) [1280x720 (HD) 0:30] >> Download
  • Sailor Stars DiC-Style Ending 1 [720x540 (SD) -:--] >> Download
  • Sailor Stars Ending (“My Best Friends” Ver.) [720x540 (SD) -:--] >> Download
  • SuperS Specials DiC-Style Ending (Remix)  [720x540 (SD) -:--] >> Download
  • Amy’s First Love Ending [1280x720 (HD) -:--] >> Download

Trailers & More

Trailers, Intros, Music Videos and More!

  • Sailor Stars Fandub Trailer 1 [540p 2ch] >> Download
  • Sailor Stars Fandub Trailer 2 [540p 2ch] >> Download
  • Amy’s First Love Trailer [1080p 2ch] >> Download
  • SuperS Specials Trailer [480p 2ch] >> Download
  • Sailor Stars Title Screen (Alt. Ver.) [540p 2ch] >> Download
  • Fighter4Luv Productions Original Intro [480p 2ch] >> Download
  • Fighter4Luv Fandubs Intro [1080p 5.1ch] >> Download
  • Sailor Stars Blooper Reel >> Download
  • Question Time with Mippa (VA of Serena, Amy & Luna) >> Download
  • Ashley Heart is Sailor Mars – Promo >> Download
  • Eku Egao is Queen Nehelenia – Promo >> Download


Music we’ve used in our fandub that we compiled together ourselves, or hunted down from other sources. These took many, many hours to create or track down, so I hope everyone appreciates our hard work!

DiC Unreleased Music


Toei Unreleased Library Music

      • Ep 169: Headline (Murray Munro) >> Download
      • Ep 176: Endurance (Murray Munro) >> Download
      • Ep 181: Piano Sonata No.2 – Funeral March (Frederic Chopin) >> Download
      • Ep 181 & 192: Whole Lotta Soul (Tom Blades) >> Download


Promotional art, and fan art for our fandubs.



  • Julie Riley

    You know, looking at the extras, I wouldn’t mind seeing a fandub of the Radio Plays and the Japanese PC Engine games in your style one day (at least once your other projects finish anyway).

  • Zachary Noah

    In the extras section, how about posting the clean version of the remake of the Sailor Moon DIC opening sequence as an alternate option, and in upscaled HD?

  • Corza Moon

    There are no title credits over the remake of the Sailor Moon DiC opening though and it’s in upscaled HD. If you mean Sailor Stars, we haven’t got the upscale HD footage yet.