Episode 9!

Episode 9!

Episode #175 (5-9) is complete! Check it out in our episodes section.

  • Jill Marie Young

    Viz media has been doing 100% job and they used the REAL names

  • Rini

    Who cares? Had Cloverway/DiC dubbed Sailor Stars, then F4L would’ve never started this project.

  • fighter4luv

    Not to mention their dub seems more amateur than ours :P

  • MelonPeach

    HAHAHAHAHA, YOU ACTUALLY THINK THEIR DUB IS AMATEUR? YOU’VE GOT TO BE JOKING, YOU’RE VOICE ACTORS DON’T EVEN TRY. In fact they remind me so much of the dic and cloverway voice actors. The ones that couldn’t voice act to save their lives.

  • Corza Moon

    I never mentioned anything about their actors. They have some talented people voicing. I was referring to other elements.

  • Guest

    Another hater who prefers the shitdub from Viz! Congratulations pal, your comment adds nothing to the discussion itself. At least we (AKA THE REAL FANS of the original dubs) can distinguish who is who. Unlike this cheap and pale imitation of a dub from Viz. I’m surprised you didn’t praise the original Japanese version, which is supposed to be superior. Funny world we live in…

  • Guest

    But the wrong roles. You kept the spirit of the DiC dub alive in your fandub and that’s what really counts.