New Site Online!

New Site Online!

Our new website is finally online! I hope everyone enjoys the new layout. More content will be added over the coming weeks, so please check back soon to see all new stuff!

  • Michael Nieves

    You guys have grown so much after all the years that has gone by, ever since Episode 1 of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Fandub, you guys are freaking Amazing! and i hope you guys grow more.

  • Katy

    Thank you, I’ve watched the subbed Sailor Stars episodes many times in the past but it’s not the same. First I hear Sailor Moon’s coming back this summer and now Stars is dubbed. It’s truly awesome. I’ve been wanting that for years, so thank you.

  • Christopher Heckel

    just found this site at last been waiting for ever to watch sailor stars in english how long till episode 10 is down

  • Melanie Drew

    need to pick up the speed of these… or the new sailor moon re make will beat ya’s to the end of stars at this rate.. more more more :D btw you guys are amazing tyvm for doing this for us :)

  • Jill

    Actually Viz Media bought Sailor Moon and the Dub is great! They will be doing Sailor Stars too. Sounds like they are almost done with 1st season

  • Sailor Starfire

    When is episode 10 will be done

  • Sailor Starfire

    What day is the episode will be done so I know when to watched it

  • Steven Pelky

    Curious. What is the current status of these fan dubs? Is there a different site? Hiccup with production? These are fantastic. The fact that you went with original music themes is brilliant.

  • fighter4luv

    Our Facebook page and Twitter gives a lot of updates. We don’t always get time to update the site unless a new episode is ready

  • Karina

    When will episode 11 be up ?

  • Andrew Furuhata

    At first I though you were gonna stop when Viz gets to stars but your doing it in Dic style so that’s great don’t stop keep going until the end!

  • Andrew Furuhata

    It wouldn’t matter if the redub gets to StarS because they are doing it in Dic style