Episode 181 is now up!

It has been a long time coming, but episode 181 (5-15) “Just in the nick of time” is now ready to watch! A special thanks to all the cast and crew!

It can be streamed on facebook, or downloaded from the episodes page here on the website. Please check it out and let us know what you think! :)

Episode 182 is in production, but there is no date on that yet. Since we have only begun sound mixing and script sorting, it will probably be some time in 2018.

Please continue to support our fandub.

Thank you all.

- Corey “Tsukino”

Episode Downloads

All episodes we have dubbed so far (167-176) are now available for download in high quality. For now, we are not able to find a stable website to stream the websites (apart from facebook), but we hope you enjoy our downloads of each episode. To download an episode, simply visit the episode’s page, and click on “MEGA” next to Download.

Hope everyone enjoys the updated episodes.

Episode Streaming

Hey everyone!
Our episode streams have been up and down lately. The website we use is fixing some bugs currently, so hopefully in a few days everything will be back to normal.
You may also find glitches when viewing the videos on mobile devices. I will bring this up with the site and see if they can fix it.
We’re currently still working on episode 181 and a torrent download for episodes 167-172.
Hope everyone is well!

Dubbing Key Episodes

Hey everyone!

We’ve noticed people asking why we’re skipping the next few episodes. Since it takes us a long time to dub episodes lately, we have decided to jump forward and only dub the episodes that are either 1. contain key elements to the story’s plot, or 2. are super funny.

So, the next episode we are dubbing is episode 15 (181) and episode 16 (182).

Please follow us on facebook to see teasers for this latest episode in production and keep an eye on the main page also for the status of the next episode :)

Episode 10 is out!

Hey everyone! It’s been a long, long, long time coming, but episode 10 (176) is now online!

Check it out in our episode page and tell us what you think!

Ep 1 (167) – 8 (174) Revised!

Hey everyone. We know we haven’t released anything in a while, but while working on episode 10 (176), we have been given some amazingly high quality video of the first few episodes of Sailor Stars. No filtering, which means a lot of the detail is still there from the original film! We were so excited when SailorMoonCenter gave us these amazing looking episodes that we went back to the beginning and re-added in stuff that we originally cut out. So episodes 1-8 (167-174) are now with less edits and stunning video quality! I hope everyone will enjoy the future episodes basically uncut!

New Site Online!

Our new website is finally online! I hope everyone enjoys the new layout. More content will be added over the coming weeks, so please check back soon to see all new stuff!

Episode 9!

Episode 9 is complete! Check it out in our episodes section.