Our Story

Fighter4Luv Fandubs (a division of Fighter4Luv Productions) began back in 2007 with a simple idea: fan dub Sailor Stars in English the way that DiC would have – making sure that “Serena” and her Sailor Scouts weren’t forgotten.
After creating a network of fans from all around the world, we were ready to start producing episodes of the final season in English! We wanted to bring back the nostalgia of the old English adaptation, so we had script adaptors, voice actors, pieces of the Bob Summers music score, transitions, & 2D/3D graphics to start off with. Then we made edits, major script changes; believing we were doing the DiC series justice.

After a few years into production, we decided to change our ideals, and although we kept all the main elements of the English version, we wanted to bring the fans more than just a DiC ripoff. Times had changed and we made the decision to continue the fandub in a slightly different direction. Keeping the English names and personalities, but retaining the main Japanese story plots, and most importantly completely UNCUT. This was a big thing for a fandub that had been seen to be just like DiC. So we began these adjustments by episode 7, and since have been releasing episodes unedited. Episodes 1-6 have also been remastered and additional footage has been added back in (wherever possible).

But, Sailor Stars was just the beginning for us. We have also produced SuperS Specials in English, including the SuperS Movie Short: “Amy’s First Love”. We have also begun dubbing the episodes that were deleted from DiC’s original production (from the classic season and Sailor Moon R). We hope that all our fans enjoy the work we do. Although we are non-profit, we try to be as professional as possible – so that everyone can enjoy a seamless continuation of the original English version that we all hold dear to our hearts.

Thank you for all your support!
- Corza Moon (Founder/Producer)

A Special Thanks!

I just want to say a special thanks to the following people. Without them, this project would be nothing. Shaun Nox, Brendan Penny, Adrian Molina, Akumaryu, Amelia Lang, Angel McCalum, Ashley Heart, BrandonM, Caroline Marshall, Cathy Rinella, Celina Munoz, DaelynD, EileMonty, Eku Egao, Foshizzlin, Gabriel Durie, Georgette Perna, Gregory P, Haushinka, Ishtar Draven, J. Redor, Kairi, Kaydeen Rowe, Kayley Bourne, KendraKei, Kyle Loucks, Lee Koivunen, Lightofhope18, Lioncourt, Luke Ralph, Lynett, Magic Kaito, Mike-Sempai, Mindy Owen, Mippa, Morgan Aiomuzu, Nakamura Namiko, Nyann Smith, P J Lincoln, Raysa R, Richard Hopkins, Rosette, Ryou Shirogane, SailorMoonCenter, Samantha Sterling, Scarlotte, Subaru-Camui, Ty Chen, TygerChickChibi, TylerDanielz, YingFaStar.
Apologies if I have left anyone out!


  • Georgia Sand

    I was wondering. Did you guys get to clear up any of the “cousin stuff” with Michelle and Amara and set it straight? Maybe say that they were joking or something? It’s a real bummer the English dub had to screw with their storyline. Oh, and great job! I’m looking forward to all your work in the future!! (=

  • fighter4luv

    We are pretending that the S English dub partly didn’t happen, so following the original.

  • Keiko

    Hello, I’m interested in sending in my audition for a role. How can I send it to you? I can’t use facebook, but I can give you my email if you would like?

  • fighter4luv

    Please email us at fighter4Luv@gmail.com

  • Keiko

    Thank you! I sent you an email.

  • Sara Stonem

    How can I watch episodes 11- the last?

  • SailorMoonFan

    could you guys hurry up. lol

  • Crasher

    Are Voice Actors permitted to send auditions for upcoming characters?

  • fighter4luv

    Yes that’s fine. You can send it to us on our Facebook page

  • Otaku Lady

    Patience is a virtue…

  • Otaku Lady

    You can watch the subs, but I don’t have a link.

  • Antoinette

    do you guys plan to continue for 2016?

  • fighter4luv

    We’re not sure what we’re going to do as of yet. We may need to re-cast many characters and we’ll be looking for more help with casting etc. We’ll try to get episode 15 out early next year though.

  • Enrique Manuel Flores III

    Hey Corey it’s SailorMoonTV. Hit me up. I’m sill interested in helping out.

  • Doug Newton

    Can we get the downloads back?

  • goanna678

    so, when could you do crystal?

  • Laura D

    I notice you cant download or view episode 11 177: Wish Upon a Shining Star why is that?

  • fighter4luv

    We haven’t dubbed it, that’s why :)

  • Laura D

    Oh LOL do you know when it will be dubbed?

  • Frank

    Wait what different about the story though? If you using the DiC Names and Personalities? Is that not the same as following the English Dub Version? I don’t watch subtitle for anime so I could not said but you still using the Dub Attack Name too. As for the “cousin” thing you could alway just said there “friends” but that cool after all there girlfriend and girlfriend. But I wondering I not notices that yet in that you fandub. Guess just not view since to me you got are following what DiC had left off and all. Glad you got Glad you guys got Episode 15 Finally. Hope you can get get more Episodes out soon. You guys do great work. Keep it up.

  • Frank Finnegan

    I can not figure out how actually watch i’m having trouble navigating the website

  • fighter4luv

    We could no longer stream episodes on the website. so you have to download them to your computer. Alternatively, the episodes are on our Facebook

  • Frank Finnegan

    ooo thank You!

  • Nelson

    Why are some of the Stars episodes “skipped” what determines if an episode gets “skipped”? will those episodes ever be dubbed or was there a reason you decided never to dub them ever again?

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