Sailor Moon #42:
“Venus’ Love Triangle”


Mina’s past as Sailor V comes to haunt her, when an old friend arrives in town offering to help her and the Sailor Scouts. What Mina doesn’t know is that her trusted friend is now working for Malachite, attempting to trick her into revealing the identities of all the Scouts. Will the original champion of justice fall for their evil plan, and give up her allies to save an old friend?


Original Title: “Sailor Venus’ Past! Minako’s Tragic Love”
Episode #: 42 (1.42)
Release Date: Oct 9, 2021
Video: (4:3) 1080p (upscale)
Audio: English Stereo
Run Time: 24 min
Status: Dubbing completed
Download: Uncut Ver. | TV Edit Ver. (TBA)

SerenaShaleah Wagner
AmyJillian Leigh
Luna – Jaime Heck
Raye – Gina Vitti
Lita – Echosapa
ArtemisGilliam Neighbor
NegaforceSheila Morris

MalachiteJosh Portillo
Queen BerylKeiko
DarienLuke Ralph
Katarina – Dylan Brass
London Monster Josh Portillo
GirlJaime Heck
Allen – Roze Asune

Producer – Corza Moon
Script Writer – Corza Moon
Script Editor – Frank Ramirez
Casting – Corza Moon, Kaydeen Rowe, Nyann Smith, Zmand97
Audio/Video Mixer – Corza Moon
Graphic Artists – Corza Moon, Nyann Smith
Production Supervisors – Austinatious, Frank Ramirez