Sailor Moon R Movie Special:

“Sailor Scouts, Transform!”


When Serena and Rini overhear two girls discussing the Sailor Scouts, Serena goes into a jealous fit when they forget about her completely! Lucky for them, they have a goofy eavesdropping Meatball Head on hand to set the record straight!


Original Title: “Make Up! Sailor Soldiers”
Episode Type: Short
Release Date: Apr 2, 2022
Video: (16:9) 1080p
Audio: English Stereo
Run Time: 17 min
Status: Dubbing completed
Download: Uncut Ver.


Serena #1 – Shaleah Wagner

Serena #2 – Tracey Moore

Serena #3 – Terri Hawkes

Rini – Catzilla

Amy – Karen Bernstein

Raye – Katie Griffin

Raye (singing) – Sandy Howell

Lita – Susan Roman

Mina #1 – DaelynD

Mina #2 – Stephanie Morgenstern

Katarina – Dylan Brass

Allen – Roze Asune


Girl A (Phoebe) – CokeNezo

Girl B (Katelyn) – Meeso

Queen Beryl – Naz Edwards

Negaforce – Maria Vacratsis

Garoben – Maria Vacratsis

Queen Serenity – Wendy Lyon

Darien – Toby Proctor

Passerby’s – Dennis Akiyama, Tony Daniels, David Fraser

Amphibia – Lisa Dalbello

Game Machine Man – Tony Daniels

Producer – Corza Moon
Script Writer – Frank Ramirez

Script Editor – Corza Moon
Casting – Corza Moon, Kaydeen Rowe, Nyann Smith, Zmand97
Audio/Video Mixer – Corza Moon
Graphic Artists – Corza Moon, Nyann Smith

Production Supervisors – Austinatious, Frank Ramirez