Sailor Stars #172:
“Walking on Shattered Glass”

With all the Sailor Scouts captured and Serena tackling a long journey through a forest of thorns, Sailor Mini Moon and Saturn go up against Queen Nehelenia, in the hope of breaking her spell on Darien. But, time is running out! They all must have faith in their powers of love and friendship if they ever want to see a tomorrow.

Original Title: “Moon Power of Love! The Nightmare Ends”
Episode #: 172 (5-6)
Release Date: Oct 14, 2010 (revised: Nov 17, 2014)
Video: (4:3) 540p
Audio: English Stereo
Run Time: 23 min
Status: Dubbing Completed
Download: TV Edit Ver. | Uncut Ver. (TBA)

RayeAshley Heart
LitaCaroline Marshall
Mina – Angel McCalum
DarienLuke Ralph
HotaruNyann Smith

DianaRyou Shirogane
Amara – Rosette
MichelleCathy Rinella
Nehelenia – Eku Egao
GalaxiaIshtar Draven
Royal SubjectsMindy Owen


Producer – Corza Moon
Script WritersPJ Lincoln / Mippa

Script EditorCorza Moon
CastingKaydeen Rowe / Corza Moon
Audio/Video MixerCorza Moon
2D/3D ArtistShaun Nox / Corza Moon / Brendan Penny
Creative ConsultantShaun Nox
Production SupervisorGabriel Durie / Shaun Nox

English LyricsBattedr
English VocalsIrulanne

Oh my goodness….. I’m actually crying. Why am I crying!? :'( “RINI!!!!” Thanks so much for doing this! :)

Fantastic As Always!
You guys are finally bringing what the US Moonies wanted to see! I’d say any episode from Fighter4Luv is WELL worth the wait, because it is VERY Well Done.
But still, this dub is fantastic, and I believe we are ALL anxious for more!! :D