Sailor Stars #182:
“Serena Times Two, Again?”

A small girl, resembling Rini, suddenly appears in Serena’s life. Could she be Rini’s younger sister? Rini’s daughter? While trying to figure out this new mystery, the girls run into two new dangerous enemies: Sailor Aluminum Seiren and Sailor Lead Crow. The newest minions of Galaxia seem to be a lot stronger than before, so the girls need all the help they can get!

Original Title: “Invaders from Outer Space! The Coming of Seiren”
Episode #: 182 (5-16)
Release Date: 19-May-2019
Video: (4:3) 540p (SD)
Audio: English Stereo
Run Time: 24 min
Status: Dubbing Completed
Download: Uncut Ver.

Serena: …Mippa
Galaxia: …Ishtar Draven
Lead Crow: …Loryn Stone
Aluminum Seiren: …Eku Egao
Lita: …Caroline Marshall
Amy: …Mippa
Luna: …Mippa
Artemis: …Gilliam Neighbor
Mina: …DaelynD

Raye: …Gina Angelone
Trista: …Amelia Lang
Chibi Chibi: …Magic Kaito
Serena’s Mom: …Nyann Smith
Justin: …Magic Kaito
Police Chief: …Holden Hardman
Sailor Cop: …Holden Hardman
Jordan: …Amelia Lang
Julian: …EileMonty

Producer …Corza Moon
Executive Producer …Shaun Nox
Script Writer …J.A. Bryant / Corza Moon / Mippa
Casting Director …Corza Moon
Casting Assistant …Kaydeen Rowe / Nyann Smith
Audio Mixer …Corza Moon
Video Editor …Corza Moon
2D Graphic Artist …Shaun Nox / Corza Moon
3D Graphic Artist …Shaun Nox / Brendan Penny / Cory Buckley
Creative Consultant …Shaun Nox
Post-Production Supervisor …Austinatious
“My Best Friends” Song Lyricist …Battedr
“My Best Friends” Song Performer …Irulanne

This is fantastic! Love everything. Reminds me of the original English North American seasons. I could not tell this was fan done! I really appreciate the scene transitions, the season 1-2 soundtrack, and continuation from the English version.
The voice acting is great. Equal or better than the S and Super S English seasons.


Let me just say that when I saw a “fandub” I came here to see what massacre and injustice would be done by over-excited moonies to the perfection that is season 5 (stars).
I was dead wrong. This was an impressive job! If you continue on with it, I doubt anyone would know that it’s done by moonies and not a for-profit company. EXCELLENT JOB.