Sailor Stars #195:
“Galaxia Rising”

It’s the Tri-Lights final concert and all the girls are invited. Meanwhile, Galaxia’s powers are increasing and it’s finally her time to attack! Only one thing stands in her way: The Starlights’ Sovereign. Is Princess Fireball strong enough to stand up against the purest evil in existence? Will Earth become just another lifeless rock in Galaxia’s reign of terror?

Original Title: “Princess Kakyu Perishes! Advent of Galaxia”
Episode #: 195 (5-29)
Release Date: TBA 2021
Video: (4:3) 1080p (upscale)
Audio: English Stereo
Run Time: 24 min
Status: Script in progress
Download: Uncut Ver. (TBA) | TV Edit Ver. (TBA)


English Lyrics: …Battedr / Irulanne
English Vocals: …Irulanne / Pamela Vargas / April-Sensei