Sailor Stars #199:
“The Light of Hope”


In a sneak attack, Uranus and Neptune managed to deal some damage to Galaxia before being defeated. Sailor Moon is losing friends left and right, how can she possibly continue to fight when there’s almost nothing left to fight for? The Starlights won’t let her give up, and they’ll protect her till the end. Also finally some light is shed on Galaxia’s origin, but will this be any help in defeating her?


Original Title: “The Light of Hope! The Final Battle for the Galaxy”
Episode #: 199 (5.33)
Release Date: TBA 2024
Video: (4:3) 1080p (upscale)
Audio: English Stereo
Run Time: 24 min
Status: Script in progress
Download: Uncut Ver. (TBA) | TV Edit Ver. (TBA)

Amara – TBA
Justin – TBA
Michelle – TBA
Serena – TBA
Fireball Princess – TBA

Galaxia – TBA
Julian – TBA
Jordan – TBA
Chibi-Chibi – TBA

Producer – Corza Moon
Script Writer – Marty Mcisiac, TBA
Script Editor – TBA
Casting – Corza Moon, Kaydeen Rowe, Nyann Smith, Zmand97
Audio/Video Mixer – Corza Moon
Graphic Artists – Shaun Nox, Corza Moon, Brendan Penny, Cory Buckley
Creative Consultant – TBA
Production Supervisor – TBA
English Lyrics – Battedr, Irulanne
English Vocals – Irulanne